Directorate of Human Resources (DHR)




  • Recruitment &Selection of Staff.

  • Staff Movement and Staff Transfer.

  • Annual Performance Management (Appraisals) and Staff Audit.

  • Career Guidance and Counselling.

  • Staff Promotions, Upgrading and Conversion.

  • Transfer of service and condo nation of service.

  • Salary Administration (Compensation Management).

  • Administration of Central Registry.

  • Record Management.

  • Appointments and Confirmation (Regular& Permanent, Contract, Acting Appointments).

  • Retirement Administration.


  • Pension Matters.

  • Staff Medicals.

  • Staff Loans, Salary Advance and letter of introduction to Banks for personal Loans.

  • Processing of Professional Allowances for Flight Safety Group/other Technical Directorates. Shift Duty Allowances, Drivers Accident Free Allowances to Management for Approval.

  • Processing of Bereavement/Burial Assistance to bereaved officers/families.

  • Preparation of all categories of staff Annual bulk basic allowances for Management approval.

  • Implementation of the Approved Authority’s Conditions of Service.

  • Coordinating the Authority’s social Activities.

  • Labour Relations with various Industry Unions/Associations.

  • Staff Discipline Matters. 

  1. Manpower Development and Training (MPD&T) UNIT

  • Assist Management in the formulation /interpretation of training policies, standards and procedures of the Authority.

  • Assessing and determination of training needs of individual staff of the Authority.

  • Monitoring and implementation of training needs to ensure compliance with career progression and Inspectors Training System(ITS).

  • General coordination and monitoring of all training and manpower development programmes of the organization to ensure standardization.

  • Developing training modules/programmes and training records and reports or other requirements for the Authority.

  • Organizing international and local trainings ,workshops and seminars for staff in their area of competencies in conjunction with other Directorates.

  • Liaising with training agencies and related private and public sector bodies on training matters.

  • Compilation ,planning and execution of training proposals in line with budgetary allocations and advise Management on cost saving measures.

  • Evaluate general training and Manpower development programmes to provide for management policy decisions.