[Current] Monday, August 21, 2017

This manual is one in the set of manuals forming the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s, Directorate of Airworthiness Standards internal documentation set. These manuals are produced to provide the information, policy and procedures needed to perform the tasks as required by the Civil Aviation Act and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations.

This volume of the manual has been prepared for the use and guidance of Airworthiness Aviation Safety
Inspectors in the performance of their duties.

I require all staff to use their manual(s) in the performance of their duties. However, it is emphasized that all matters pertaining to an inspector’s duties and responsibilities cannot be covered in this manual. Inspectors are expected to use good judgment in matters where specific guidance has not been given. The manuals are dynamic documents. As a result of experience, changes in legislation and within the industry, as well as new technology, there may be the need for amendments.

I encourage the contribution of comments and recommendations for revision/amendment action to this publication for
the improvement of its content.
The Director General, identified in the footer of this manual, is accountable for approving the contents
and amendments of this manual.