Dr. Omogo Bernard Onwe Chinedu

Dr. B. O. C. Omogo is from Ebonyi State, in his late fifties; with university education certificates in Economics, Finance & Accountancy; with emphasis in Economics at the PHD level.

Dr. Omogo has put in twenty-eight years in the core public service; traversing all the three tiers of government from Planning Officer SGL 08 to Permanent Secretary at the State Service and Director Administration in the Federal Service. He had a stint in Commercial Banking and overseeing the operations of the National Health Insurance Authority. He was a Consulting Partner in ME-RIT-ASAB Nigeria Limited, a consulting Firm into Human Resources Management and Organizational Development, until his current appointment as Director, AVSEC Regulation with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority. 

Dr. Omogo has made modest contributions in public policy and national development; through initiating, anchoring or participating in many reform programmes in the Nigerian public service. He has served on numerous federal and state government boards and committees. He is recognized for his versatility and posture as a hybrid public servant with focus on effective public service delivery for national development.

He is a member of many respected professional bodies, a recipient of many social, community, national and international awards. He is community based and believes in people around him.

He is married, blessed with children, powered by the overflowing love, mercy and grace of the Almighty God.

Dr. Omogo Bernard Onwe Chinedu image