The main objective of the technical library is to provide up to date information that will
meet the needs of the aviation staff in their day to day task of regulating the industry.


  • To select, acquire, organize and dispense technical documents and allied
  • information resources to the workforce in the pursuit of their day to day task of
  • regulating the industry.
  • To provide up to date and timely information to the staff and stakeholders in
  • pursuit of its safety regulations.
  • Standardization of Library Services across the system.
  • Developing the library into an Aviation Information Clearing House and Library of
  • last Resort for the entire Industry.
  • Continuous strengthening of the Regional Libraries to enhance coordination
  • between the Regions and Headquarters.
  • Annual renewal of Information Handling Services (IHS) a Platform that grants
  • Technical Library wide coverage to current technical publications from Aviation
  • Regulatory Agencies and Countries and more importantly ICAO Annexes, ICAO
  • Manuals, etc.
  • Custodian of all control Manuals obtainable in the entire Flight Standards Group
  • (FSG) Directorates.
  • Acquisition of access to several websites of Aircraft and Engine manufacturers
  • that ensure continuous accessibility to up to date Technical Publications.
  • Compile Comprehensive Electronic Technical Library Holdings that undergo
  • regular update to maintain its currency. It is a connection between NCAA
  • Technical Library operations with Aircraft and Engine manufacturers.
  • Houses a systematic record of indexes to Airline Operators Manuals with
  • established retrieval process that is acceptable to the Technical Library and
  • Aviation Inspectors.
  • Organizes On the Job Training (OJT) periodically to Airline Operators Librarians.
  • Publishes Technical Library bulletin as a means of Current Awareness Services
  • (CAS). This publication comes up quarterly with lists of acquired current
  • documents in soft and hard copy so as to keep the esteem Library users abreast
  • of our activities.

Key Officials