Charles Ayeteni

Charles Ayeteni is an accomplished Data and Information Strategist & Practitioner with close to three decades of practical experience in the conception, engineering, planning, management and directing IT infrastructures, IT/IS solution design, delivery, operation and optimization of IT operations, software product deployments, cyber security, data & information security, risk management, networking & project management, and strategic operations to ensure successful implementation of project deliverables within time and budget. He is highly skilled in improving corporate profitability, productivity, and competitive performance through skillful alignment of technical resources with enterprise mission.

He leads a team of highly skilled IT professionals that is delivering quality service to NCAA with repeated successes in Fiber Optics, unified communication. Web/cloud services, information security etc. with emerging and established technologies/ processes to attain maximum operational goals with minimum resource expenditures.

He is very proficient in internetworking, contract management, IT governance and processes, IT portfolio management, infrastructure architectures, and IT delivery management. Possesses strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals with undiluted focus on the prime objectives.

Thrives in fast-paced, multicultural, multilingual, multifaceted arena with challenges and continual professional growth to ensure loyalty and increased year-over-year key metrics improvements.
With a degree in Computer Science from University of Benin, a Masters in Communication Management from United Kingdom Telecoms Academy and ITU, and multiple industry-rated certifications, Charles is equipped with multiple capabilities that has translated to an enormous value while upholding prevailing ethics and standards for integrity, dedication, teamwork, productivity, profitability and excellence.