Legal Services


The Legal Department represents the Authority on all legal matters and cases. It offers advice on the legal implications of issues that concern the entire organization. In addition to this function, the unit performs the secretarial function for the whole Authority.

The department officers have participated in important international assignments such as the coordination committee and legal drafting committee at the Cape Town Convention coordination committee of Banjul Accord group toward the implementation of Yamoussoukro Decisions on African Skies Liberalization and the constitution drafting committee of the African civil aviation commission (AFCAC), a specialized Agency of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).



  • Undertakes legal research and provides advisory legal opinions to all Directorates and Departments of the Authority on wide range of issues.
  • Provides legal support to the Authority in all matters.

  • Maintains a listing of external solicitors who may be engaged by the Authority as needed.

  • Monitors proceedings and liaises with the Authority’s external solicitors with respect to litigation, inquires arbitration, mediation and any other dispute resolution proceedings involving the Authority.

  • Sits in/ serves as the Authority’s representative during negotiations involving the Authority.

  • Participates as technical advisers in Bilateral/ Multilateral Air Services Agreement negotiations and Commercial Agreement reconciliation meetings.

  • Participates as legal experts in meetings of international organizations like ICAO, AU, AFCAC, BAG, BAGASOO, and ECOWAS.

  • Represents Nigeria on the Commission of Experts of Supervisory Authority of international Registry (CESAIR).

  • Participates in relevant ad-hoc and special committees set up by Management.

  • Responds to all requests for information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

  • Provides legal assistance to staff in matters arising from the performance of official functions.

  • Reviews/ drafts civil aviation laws and regulations.

  • Handles compliance and enforcement of civil aviation laws and regulations to ensures compliance with ICAO Critical Element 8

  • Maintains the Authority’s Compliance and Enforcement Action database.

  • Acts as the secretariat for the Authority’s Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU).



  1. Serve as Secretary to the Board Committees, including Management or Management Committee meetings; providing guidance to both Board and Management on the best practices in the proper conduct of meetings and corporate governance.

  2. Coordinate all administrative, financial and budgeting issues for Board activities and Board Members, subject to established processes and controls.

  3. Coordinate all correspondence and interaction between the Board, Chairman and Board Members, including preparation of Board Papers, Memos and Minutes.

  4. Coordinate, monitor and follow-up action points arising from Board, Management and Committee Meetings to ensure due and timely compliance status of all such matters.

  5. Coordinate all reports of Management intended for preparation and presentation as Board Papers to the Board, including papers or reports intended for presentation at Management meetings.

  6. Serve as Custodian of the Agency’s Corporate Seal, affixing same unto Agency contracts and documents as duly authorized by the Board or the Managing Director

  7. Assist and advise the Board in the performance of all its statutory functions, compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and adoption of Corporate Governance Best Practices, inviting input where considered necessary from other departments within the Agency. 

  8. Review Agreements between the Authority and Third Party Contractors.

  9. Assisting the Director General in coordinating the domestication, dissemination and compliance within NCAA of policies and best practices received from the Ministry and relevant local and international agencies.