Procurement Department

1. Coordination of all Management policies on procurement
2. Coordination of yearly Procurement Planning Committee meetings
3. Attending to all government policies on procurement
4. Advising Management on all procurement matters
5. Ensuring that responses to all letters from the supervisory Ministry, Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), National Assembly (NASS) and other higher authorities are adequate.
6. Interpretations of annual capital expenditure budget so as to ensure proper implementation through timely procurement process
7. Rendition of periodic Procurement Proceedings report to Management
8. Attending and acting as the Secretariat for all Parastatal Tenders Board meeting
9. Drafting of Tenders Board, Ministerial Tenders Board and Management Memos
10. Ensuring the timely preparation of yearly Procurement Plan and discussion of same with Management
11. Coordination of proper documentation of all procurement activities of the Authority
12. Responding to all letters from the supervisory Ministry, Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), National Assembly (NASS) and other higher authorities.
13. Reviewing of TOR and BOQ submitted by user Departments
14. Coordination of clearing activities for imported items where necessary
15. Drafting of Tenders Board (PTB/MTB) memos and letters as well as correspondences
16. Coordination of Bids Openings and Closing exercise
17. Ensuring the timely preparation of quarterly Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) plan and report
18. Monitoring prices of works, goods and services and updating price lists
19. Carrying out Market Survey and Periodic update of price index
20. Identification and evaluation of alternative sources of supply
21. Documentation/Record Keeping for all capital projects
22. Issuance of Local Purchase Orders and Job Orders
23. Ensuring copies of LPO’s and JOB orders are forwarded on time
24. Ensure proper tracking of all approved LPOS and Job Orders
25. Ensuring safety and security of all contract documents (LPO & Job Orders), typing and dispatch of same to beneficiaries
26. Liaising with contractors and suppliers for reconciliation and speedy delivery as well as proper documentation
27. Liaising with Legal Unit on all matters relating to contract award and drafting of legal agreement
28. Liaising with Audit unit with a view to answering all audit queries
29. Liaising with Audit department and ensuring all Audit queries are answered
30. Liaising with finance department on all issues relating to appropriation on payments
31. Any other duties as may be assigned by the GM (Procurement)
32. Liaising with other units/departments on their requisition needs
33. Liaising with requisitioning departments and clarifying all specifications and collecting samples where necessary
34. Any other duties as may be assigned to the department

Key Officials


    Deputy General Manager (Procurement)