Servicom Department


The Servicom Department has a direct report to the Director General/Chief Executive with the mandate to address issues of service delivery to both internal and external customers of the Authority. This is in line with the change agenda of the Nigerian Government in the provision of citizen focused service delivery.

All Ministries and Government agencies have been charged to provide quality services timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently to both Nigerians and Foreigners who are their customers. SERVICOM- Service compact with all Nigerians was established to drive this initiative and to co- ordinate all matters relating to service delivery in Nigeria.


  • Entrenchment of service culture in NCAA
  • Continuous monitoring of service delivery
  • Monitoring of work environment, tools and performance
  • To vet and review the Authority's charters to ensure conformity with Servicom approved guide lines
  • Printing and launching of NCAA service charter
  • Provision of materials and tools to monitor service delivery including suggestion boxes as feedback mechanism to report service failures
  • To periodically publish summary of complaints, commendations and compliments from customers about the Authority
  • Monitoring of service delivery/ standards in foreign airports for exposure and comparison with global standards
  •  Formulation of the Authority's integrated and local charters and make same available for public information.
  • The document tracking office serves as a first point of call between our external customers and flight standard group (FSG).
  • To coordinate all Servicom matters i.e. customer relations, grievance redress mechanism, charter implementation and service improvement, thereby ensuring Servicom compliance
  • To coordinate stake holders' consultation forum on service delivery
  • To Develop and carryout sensitization programmes for the Authority on service delivery
  • Quarterly visitation to selected local Airports and to NCAA regional offices, for monitoring activities
  • To carry out survey and research on Global best practices in line with the Authority's business and ICAO (SARPs).
  • Quarterly meeting of Servicom Committee.
  • Nodal Officers' networking meeting.
  • Workshops, seminars and training programmes on service delivery.

Key Officials