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General Aviation



The General Aviation Directorate is responsible for regulations and policy recommendations governing the certification, inspection, and surveillance/oversight of:

  • Evaluation/Approval of Manual (Operations Manual, AMP, MEL, MCM etc) for General Aviation Operations.

  • Issue / Renewal of Flight Operations Clearance Certificates (FOCC) and Maintenance Clearance Certificate (MCC) for foreign registered general aviation operators

  • Authorization of Corporate Aviation Operator

  • Approval of Aviation Recreational Organization (Flying Clubs without licence).

  • Aircraft Flight Clearance for Non-Schedule Operations

  • Surveillance of General Aviation Operations.

  • Approval of Remotely Piloted Aircraft / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


    Joint Safety Oversight Responsibilities

  • Approval of Flying Clubs for Flight Training and licensing

  • Approval of Check Pilot for General Aviation Operations

  • Approval of Special Operations (Letter of Authorization for RVSM, PBN etc.)

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