(a) The assessment and approval of applications for licenses and ratings.
(b) Issuance of licenses and ratings.
(c) Validation/Conversion of foreign licenses
(d) Promulgation of examination schedules, dates, time and centre.
(e) Drafting and amendments of rules relating to the training and licensing of aviation
(f) Approval of organizations and persons for specific tasks related to training and
(g) Assessment of the qualifications of the military trained personnel in order to
determine examination and flight test.
(h) preparation, administration and Evaluating written examinations
(i) Enforcement of licensing laws and regulations
(j) Certification and Approvals of Approved Training Organisation
(k) The promulgation of a scale of fees for written examinations, flight tests or
practical tests and the issue of licenses and ratings.
(l) The production and availability of licensing regulations or explanatory pamphlets
or information circulars detailing requirements for the issue of a license, syllabi and
recommended study material.
(m) Collaborate with other Directorates in areas of overlapping functions on
regulatory oversight for certification and issuance of licenses

Key Officials