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# No Name Description Type IsCurrent? Date
1 AC-AWS004B Issuance of a Special Certificate of Airworthiness View Form Yes 15/12/2015
2 AC-AWS001I Reason for Registration of Aircraft View Form Yes 15/12/2015
3 AC-AWS001G Application for Aircraft De-Registration View Form Yes 26/04/2010
4 AC-AWS001E Application for Air Transport Operations by a Foreign Operator View Form Yes 15/12/2015
5 AC-AWS001D Notice of Reservation of Registration Marks View Form Yes 26/04/2010
6 AC-AWS006H Pre-Application Statement Of Intent (Pasi)/ Application Form View Form Yes N/A
7 AC-AWS041 Contents Of Aoc (Airworthiness Certification) Folder View Form Yes 11/05/2011
8 AC-AWS042 Aircraft File Contents View Form Yes 07/05/2014
9 AC-AWS043 Type Certificate Acceptance File Contents View Form Yes 11/05/2011
10 AC-AWS044 Export Certificate Of Airworthiness View Form Yes 11/05/2011
11 AC-AWS045 Engine Ground Run Parameters View Form Yes 04/02/2014
12 AC-AWS045A Engine Ground Run Parameters (Turbnin PROP) View Form Yes 04/02/2014
13 AC-AWS046 Scope Of Authorisation View Form Yes 15/12/2015
14 AC-AWS047 Application For Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval, Variation And Renewal View Form Yes 01/05/2017
15 AC-AWS048 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) Certification Job-Aid View Form Yes 20/09/2016