FOREWORD This advisory circular provides the guidance for the aerodrome survey in the acquisition of aeronautical data that will satisfy the accuracy, resolution and integrity requirement of aeronautical data including the publication. The stake holders shall follow the lay down procedure in order to meet the requirements specified in this document Data management is a very important aspect of this manual that is provided to support that integrity requirement. The quality assurance of the data is another key factor that needed to be provided in the report of the survey. The manual has also made provision for verification of data by monitoring the survey processes including the quality of equipment to be used and personnel involved. The manual has also been able to point out the strategic position of some sensitive area to be surveyed and to what field accuracy that is required.

Category: advisoryCircular

Number: AS/001

Issue Date: 13/01/2020

Effective Date: 13/01/2020

Is Current: Yes

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