Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Circulars from Aerodrome Standards Department contains information about standards, practices and procedures that the Authority has found to be an Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) with the associated Regulations. This document is supplementary to the Aerodrome Emergency Plan Advisory Circular (NCAA-AC-ARD007-1). An AMC is not intended to be the only means of compliance with a regulation, and consideration will be given to other methods of compliance that may be presented to the Authority. PURPOSE This document is issued to provide guidance to Aerodrome Operators on how to prepare for resumption of aerodrome operations following the Coronavirus outbreak and to define step by step organizational administration structure, activities, management team, technical personnel, services, equipment, tools, facilities, capabilities, technical operations, procedures and processes in order to curtail further spread of the virus.

Category: covid19Advisory

Number: NCAA-AC-ARD007-1

Issue Date: 18/05/2020

Effective Date: 28/05/2020

Is Current: Yes

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