Relief On Scheduled Maintenance Calendar Tasks That Have Become Due During Aircraft Storage Caused By The Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown

The Authority has received request in relation to the impact on calendar time intervals or deferral of calendar time intervals on base scheduled maintenance tasks as a result of aircraft storage or inability to access NCAA Approve Maintenance Organizations caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The primary purpose of an aircraft storage program is preservation. Storage programs are intended to preserve the aircraft in a known state through methods, techniques, and procedures designed to mitigate or eliminate the adverse effects of the storage environment and non-operation of the aircraft, An effective storage program will allow the operator to readily return the stored aircraft to an operational status. The primary purpose of an operator Scheduled Maintenance tasks is assurance that all elements (systems, structure) of the aircraft can continue to perform their intended functions in the highest possible state of airworthiness.

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Covid-19 Advisory

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