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Following the declaration of Year 2021 as the Year of Security Culture (YOSC) by ICAO, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) wishes to bring to the attention of all airports, airlines and relevant aviation stakeholders the need to raise the bar in the effective implementation of aviation security measures in the aviation industry in Nigeria.

The threat to civil aviation has never ceased but rather, has been constantly evolving as we are now faced with cyber threats, threats from the use of remotely piloted vehicles and insider threats. In addition, the devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic has not in any way reduced the attraction of the aviation industry to terrorist elements, instead it has clearly brought to focus the impact of cargo operations which is now the driving force in the distribution network for the COVID-19 vaccines.

ICAO in its declaration of 2021 as the Year of Security Culture has aimed at instilling a culture of security at all airports as a baseline for safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

The initial designation of year 2020 by ICAO as the year of security culture was the outcome of the Assembly’s resolution (40–11) which mandated ICAO to continue to work on the development of tools to enhance security awareness and security culture and to make this a priority action in the year 2020. This was not to be as it was eventually extended to year 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to ensure the success of the YOSC, the NCAA is imploring all airports, airlines and relevant stakeholders to participate in this yearlong activity and to key into all available ICAO resources such as the Security Culture Website (www.icao.int/Security/Security-Culture/Pages/default.aspx), Security Culture Toolkit and Security Culture Campaign Starter Pack.   

The NCAA, in support of the global effort by ICAO will also be focusing on the following activities:

  1. execute a security culture campaign on a national level to raise security awareness in the aviation industry;
  2. encourage collaborations within the aviation industry in support of efforts to promote security culture;
  3. issue relevant guidance on practical security culture communication strategies, plans and campaigns; and
  4. continue to support training and offer technical assistance focused on promoting an effective and sustainable security culture within the aviation industry.

The successful realization of the above-mentioned activities is dependent, to a large extent, on full participation of all airports, airlines and other relevant stakeholders in the civil aviation industry.

In support of the NCAA’s plan for the YOSC, all airports, airlines and relevant stakeholders are encouraged to implement the ICAO prescribed tools contained in the Security Culture Toolkit for the successful entrenchment of a positive security culture in their respective organizations. These tools will ensure implementation of the following:

  • Corporate policies and procedures that will take cognizance of security.
  • Training of all staff.
  • Processes where leadership endorses and support staff in implementing security.
  • A communication process through which staff are made to understand and take responsibility in security via the intranet, newsletters, staff meetings, annual refresher trainings etc.
  • A just reporting culture.
  • Enforcement mechanisms for security behavior.

The NCAA shall constantly monitor and review the implementation of these processes to determine compliance with prescribed guidance in order to continually update ICAO with the State’s position on the implementation of Security Culture. The Authority therefore requests the cooperation of all airports, airlines and relevant stakeholders for updates in the implementation of these activities throughout year 2021 and beyond.



Capt. Musa S. Nuhu

Director General


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