Consequent upon the suspension of Turkish Airlines operations into Nigeria, the acting Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Capt. Abdullahi Sidi met with the management of Turkish Airlines at the NCAA Office in Abuja on Friday.

At the end of the meeting, the Airline’s executives pledged to commence immediately freight of all leftover passengers’ baggage in Turkey to Nigeria.

According to them, this will be achieved by instantly upgrading the Boeing 737 – 800 being used and found inadequate to a larger Airbus A 330 and Boeing 737 – 900.

The program of clearance will be carried out from 13th to 17th December 2019.

It will be recalled that, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) with a letter dated 11th December 2019, with reference no. NCAA/DG/12/16/60 suspended Turkish Airlines operations into Nigeria with effect from the 16th December 2019, if the right size of aircraft is not deployed to the service of Nigerians at all airports in the country.

The Regulatory Authority expects strict compliance to this remedial program and warns all operators to ensure Nigerians are not taken for granted by providing safe, secure and efficient service at all times.



Sam Adurogboye,

GM, Public Relations,



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