The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority [NCAA] has reiterated its threat to wield the big stick over charter operations by unauthorized permit holders forthwith.

By this, any operator caught engaging in such unauthorized services will have its Air Operator Certificate [AOC] suspended or revoked.

Consequently, the general public is hereby reminded that holders of Air Transport Licence [ATL] and Airline Operating Permit [AOP] with valid AOC are the only authorized operators to carry out Charter Operations.
This is in line with the NCAA statutory responsibilities of safeguarding the interest of the general public and that of the investors in the aviation sector.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations [Nig.CARs] 2015 Part states thus: “No person shall use any aircraft in Nigeria for hire and reward in public transport category to provide non scheduled or charter air service unless such a person holds an ATL or Airline Operating Permit (AOP) issued by the Authority.”

For the purpose of verification and authentication, the list of current holders with appropriate authorization to carry out Charter Operations can be found on the NCAA website: or enquiries be directed to

It therefore follows that any members of the public transacting business with any unauthorized operators will be doing so at a high risk as such operations may not have valid insurance cover.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority will continue to ensure strict compliance to Safety Regulations as violation[s] will be viewed seriously.

Sam Adurogboye
General Manager, Public Relations.



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