The Public Relations Department of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) had a two-day intensive professional retreat to hone their skills.

The retreat which took place between 28th and 29th April, 2023 at Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria.

In his opening remarks to kick start the retreat, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Captain Musa Shuaibu Nuhu acknowledged the media, the fourth estate of the realm, as critical to the growth of global aviation having being with Authority in the journey and are worthy partners in the development of the industry. 

According to Captain Musa, every success story about aviation in Nigeria is complete without worthy contributions of the media, providing platform which has helped in projecting activities and laudable achievements of NCAA to the public vis-à-vis our oversight functions

He pin-pointed the annual League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) conference which has provided, and still providing veritable platform over the years for stakeholders to converge and dissect pertinent contemporary aviation issues with a view to proffering workable solutions that will move the industry forward.

In that same light, Captain Musa remarked that the PR Department has been of great assistance in engendering robust partnership with the media. Beyond that, the Department's day-to-day coverage and reportage has shown the staffers have fairly deep knowledge of aviation and its goings-on.

"Our in-house publication (The Regulator) has been the flagship for other aviation publications in terms of its rich contents and excellent reportage. Though trainings, industry related workshops, conferences and retreats are key component and capital project for NCAA, giving approval for retreat and workshop of this nature at this time is not misplaced but will go a long way in honing your skills in core competence of top-notch Public Relations professional, crisis management, reputation and stakeholder management and workplace etiquette among others.   

 "We ensure our personnel are exposed to appropriate trainings all over the world so as to maintain and enhance their competence. Aviation is global and it is probably the most regulated industry. NCAA's ultimate responsibility is for safety, security and economic oversight of the industry. Our policy is to continue to work with all relevant stakeholders in the industry to ensure safe, secure and comfortable flight operations in Nigeria. We have continued to strengthen our regulatory responsibilities and capacity in all areas," he added.

According to the DGCA, Captain Musa Nuhu, who was represented by the General Manager (Surveillance), Dr. Paul Ajakaiye, the retreat is timely as it could not have come up at a better than now that the Authority is preparing for the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) slated or August this year. Incidentally one of the modules for the retreat centres on public reputation and perception which is one of the many salient areas to be examined by the global regulatory body.

On the strength of this, he appealed to all stakeholders including the media to join hands with the Authority to ensure a successful audit. On the heels of proactiveness, existing regime of robust regulations and over ten years of zero accident in commercial flight operation, we are primed to excel again.

Captain Musa also informed that NCAA has begun review of Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs) which is NCAA's major oversight document, after seven years when it was last reviewed.

While urging participants to avail themselves of the opportunity of team building, networking and learning new information, he expressed optimism that long-term benefits of the intensive talks and knowledge to be impacted will go a long way in their job delivery.

The workshop had no fewer than seven modules centering upon core competencies of Public Relations, Basic & Essential PR Skills, Crisis Management, NCAA Etiquette Training, New Media & NCAA, Reputation Management, Stakeholders Management and Case Studies.

The highlight of the retreat was presentation of birthday card by the General Manager (Public Relations Department), Mr. Sam Adurogboye to Dr. Paul Ajakaiye for onward delivery to the DGCA, Captain Musa Shuaibu Nuhu who incidentally had his birthday on the day. Certificates of participation were also presented to the participants by the facilitator, Mr. Simon Tumba at the end of the class.