1st May 2020



Fellow Comrades ,

It is my singular honour and privilege to issues out this goodwill message on the occasion of the 2020 May Day  celebration otherwise called the ‘International Workers Day’.

The significance of the day cannot be over emphasized. It may not be out of place to restate that this Labour Day is set aside as a Public Holiday to commemorate the working class as the producer of our common wealth. This year’s celebration in Nigeria tagged ‘’60 Years of Nationhood, Insecurity, Wage Poverty and Future of Work in Nigeria’’ is therefore a continuation of the tradition of celebrating our vital partner in progress in nation building and general development of the country – the labour class.

This year’s May Day Celebration has however come at a difficult period that Nigeria in particular and the world in general is being faced with a pandemic – Corona Virus. The rapidly with which the Virus has swept throughout the world is a cause of concern and therefore efforts to contain and eventually eliminate it has taken the front burner.

The precautionary measures  taken to curtail the spread of the virus including social distancing and avoidance of large  gathering will to a large extent impact on the mode and mood of this year’s May Day celebration. I deeply share your pains and concerns in this respect.

Similarly , I will also not shy away from aligning with you during this difficult period that we are witnessing disruption of social lives, social-economic activities, etcetera that have in some instances led to loss of jobs. Statistics being adduced attest to the fact the aviation industry has been mostly hit by this pandemic.

I do not need to remind you that aviation activities have almost grounded to a halt with attendant effect of revenue looses. I want to assure you that Government is working assiduously to limit the impact of the pandemic on the industry now and also putting measures for the quick restart of the industry during the Post- COVID-19 period.

Government cannot do this alone. I therefore implore you to join hands with the Government to device means of coming out of the pandemic very strongly. Comrades, as partners in progress, I am convinced that as usual, your support in this regard will not be in doubt.

Before I conclude this goodwill message, may I seize this opportunity  to request you to continue to sensitize your fellow comrades to adhere to safety measures of staying safe. This is more so that Government has approved a gradual opening-up of the economy and phase resumption of offices. On our part, necessary measures as recommended by Health Authorities are being put in place to ensure the work place is safe. The health of our workers is of primary importance and therefore, we have ordered the fumigation and disinfection of all offices and environs. In addition to these, Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) will be available for the use of workers while at work.

I will not also be fair to you if I do not acknowledge your contribution during this fight for the containment of COVID-19 especially your members who are in the frontline battle.

Please extend my compliment for their national service. While we wish those who might have gotten infected during this service a quick recovery, may I also extend my condolence to you for those that have lost their lives.

Finally, I thank you for your usual support and congratulate all workers on this occasion for their hard work over the years. I also crave your continued support in our development effort.

A lute Continua, Vitoria e certa!

Long Live Aviation Workers

Long Live Aviation Labour Unions

Long Live, the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Signed by:

Captain Musa S. Nuhu

Director General NCAA


Cc: The Presidents (ATSSSAN, NUATE,ANAP & NAAPE)

General Secretary ((ATSSSAN, NUATE,ANAP & NAAPE)

Joint Action Committee


  1. Inernational Workers Day Message By DG NCAA