Reporting of Aviation Security Occurrences and Incidents

It is necessary to report security occurrence(s) by individuals, entities and organizations in the aviation system, in order to collect information that may be analysed as precursors for security incidents or acts of unlawful interference, leading to:

  1. Identifying threats and vulnerabilities in the aviation security system
  2. Informing the entity to update risk assessment and changes thereto;
  3. Informing location specific and national risk assessment and changes thereto;
  4. Monitoring of trends and patterns in aviation security;
  5. Analysing root causes and casual/contributing factors of security occurrences or incidents;
  6. Reinforcing relevant information sharing between authorities and industry stakeholders for enhancing respective risk assessments and bolstering the security culture among all aviation stakeholders.

When an event or activity appears to be abnormal, unusual, strange etc, it should be reported internally or directly to the Authority through the appropriate channel ( or directly to ) by any person. Where an observation, impression, feeling or activity is not reported, then it is lost even if it could have been a good indicator or precursor for security analysis. The reporting of security incidents to the appropriate authorities should be performed as soon as possible after an occurrence is designated as an incident. Doing so will help facilitate timely corrective actions and/or the further sharing of information, as appropriate, to address vulnerabilities.

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