Requirements Aircraft De-Registration

Requirements Aircraft De-Registration

Article 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation permits the registration or transfer of registration of aircraft in any State but shall be made in accordance with its laws and regulations. For an aircraft registered in Nigeria to be de-registered, the applicant must apply to the NCAA.

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs 2023) related to Aircraft Registration & Marking are:

Ø Nig. CARs Part 1: General Policies, Procedures and Definition :

Ø  Nig. CARs Part 4:    Aircraft Registration and Marking:

Ø  NCAA Schedule of Fees 6.4, 6.5, :

 NCAA Form AC-AWS001C provides requirements for the de-registration of the aircraft and under the  invocation of the IDERA

Ø  Form AC-AWS001C:  Requirements for De-registration of Aircraft

​​​​To initiate the aircraft de-registration process, applicants are required to complete and submit to the NCAA the following Airworthiness Forms and related documents:

Ø  Form AC-AWS001G : Application for De-registration of Aircraft