Approved Maintenance Organisation Certification Services

Approved Maintenance Organisation Certification Services

ICAO Annex 6 allows maintenance of aircraft under both an AMO that is approved by the State of registry or another Contracting State and is accepted by the State of Registry. It also allows for the maintenance of aircraft by a person or organization in accordance with procedures that are authorized by the State of Registry.

The State of Registry is responsible for approving any AMO, person or organization used to provide maintenance for its registered aircraft. The NCAA issues AMO certificate for any organization that wishes to carry out maintenance on Nigerian registered aircraft.

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs) applicable to the application of Special Flight Permit.

·         Nig. CARs Part 1:  General Policies, Procedures and Definition:    part-1-general-policies-procedures-and-definitions.pdf

·         Nig. CARs Part 6:  Approved Maintenance Organisation:

The following Advisory Circular (AC) has been provided for guidance on the AMO certification process

Ø  NCAA-AC-AWS007:  Certification of Approved Maintenance Organisation Domestic:

Ø  NCAA-AC-AWS007B: Certification of Foreign Approved Maintenance Organisation:

To apply for AMO certificate, applicants are required to complete and submit to the NCAA the following Form and related documents:

·         Form AC-AWS007B:  Application for Approved Maintenance Organisation Certificate and Ratings and Renewal : 

· Form AC-AWS007F Management Personnel Biographical Data:  

·         Form AC-AWS007H: Pre-application Statement of Intent (PASI)/ Application :  

·      Form AC-AWS007J: Special Conditions Supplement (SCS) to a Foreign AMO Maintenance Procedures Manual (MPM)-Format :