Major Repairs & Modifications Services

Major Repairs & Modifications Services

No person may perform major modification, repair or altercation on Nigerian Registered aircraft other than as prescribed the NCAA.

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs) related to Major Modification and Repairs are: -

·  Nig. CARs Part 1:  General Policies, Procedures & Definitions:

· Nig. CARs  Part 5:  Airworthiness of Aircraft

· Nig. CARs Part 6:  Approved Maintenance Organization

·   Nig. CARs Part 8: Operations :

· Nig. CARs Part 9:  Air Operator Certification:

·    NCAA Schedule of Fees 6.57 :

The followings Advisory Circular (AC) has been provided for additional insight into the approval of Major Modification and Repairs embodiment:

·    NCAA-AC-AWS014:   Modification and Repairs:

To apply for the approval of major modification and repairs embodiment, applicants are required to complete and submit to the NCAA the following Form and related documents:

· Form AC-AWS014:  Request for Major Modification and Repairs Data Acceptance

· Form AC-AWS014A: Major Modification and Repairs Record