Guidelines and Requirements for Renewal of Airline Operating Permit (AOP)'s image



(i) Application for renewal of an Airline Operating Permit (AOP)  shall be made in writing to the Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

(ii) The application shall be signed by the person duly authorized by the applicant.

(iii) The application for an AOP shall be submitted to the Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) on or before a date not less than six (6) months to the expiration of the existing AOP.


The following supporting documents are required for processing  the application:

(a) Receipt of Payment of N550,000.00 (five hundred and fifty thousand Naira only) being:

(i) N250,000.00 processing; and

(ii) N300,000.00 utilization fees.

(b) Evidence of utilization of Permit vides the following details:

(i) Number and type (s) of aircraft in use;

(ii) Insurance of aircraft in use, including passenger, cargo and third party;

(iii) Routes operated; and

(iv) Total number of passenger, cargo and mail carried during the

period of operation of the expiring Permit.

(c) Evidence of submission of monthly statistical returns of operations to the Authority.(d) Evidence of regular and up to date payment of Aviation Charges.

(e) Current Tax Clearance Certificate (CTC) of the company and its directors.

(f) Security Clearance Certificate of the company’s directors.

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