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(i) Application for the grant of an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) shall be made in writing to the Director-General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

(ii) The application shall be signed by a person duly authorized by the applicant.

(iii) The application shall be submitted to the Director-General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority on or before a date not less than six (6) months to the expected date of utilization of the ATOL.



(i) The application for the grant of ATOL should contain the following information:

(a) Types of Travels/Tours

(b) Principal Catchment Areas

(c) Principal Destination(s)

(d) Flight Arrangement(s)

(ii) The following supporting documents are required for processing the application:

(a) Four (4) copies of certified true copy the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company;

(b) Four(4) copies of certified true copy of:

 (i) the Memorandum and Articles of Association;

(ii) Particulars of the Directors of the Company (Form CAC7);

(iii) Statement of Share Capital/Return of Allotment (Form CAC2) with minimum PAID-UP share capital of five million (N5,000,000.00) Naira.

  1. c) Four(4) copies of the current Tax Clearance Certificates of the Company and each of the Directors (originals should also be submitted for sighting);

 (d) Performance Bond of N7.5 million from a Bank or Insurance company. The Bond should cover the two (2) year validity period of the ATOL when issued (sample attached);

 (e) An Audited Statement of Accounts for the last three (3) years for an existing company or certified opening balance sheet in case of new business;

(f) Publication of Notice of the application in two (2) national daily newspapers. The publication should contain information on the application submitted to the Authority for the grant of an ATOL (sample attached);

(f) Receipt of payment of N500, 000 non-refundable processing fees to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

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